• We charge only Rs1 for doorstep delivery.

• We provide customer support by whatsapp / email.

• Products are 100% genuine.

• Products are sanitized to avoid infection.

• Hot deals are always there.

Mechanifyspares was founded by Mr. Viren Thakur and Ujjwal Seth.

Mechanifyspares specializes in fuel-efficient two-wheelers of all types. At Mechanifyspares, we are always concerned that our customers are not harmed as a result of poor customer service. Our main policy is to contact customers as soon as possible. We understand the value of time and the urgency with which things must be completed. Mechanifyspares requires only an online booking, and the product will be delivered to your location as soon as possible. All types of two-wheeler spare parts are available under one roof. We understand the difficulties that two-wheeler owners face in this rapidly changing era, and we're here to assist. Because we will come to your door, there will be no need for you to look elsewhere. Mechanifyspares assists in providing you with products that are free of commission and at a reasonable price.

Mechanifyspares is easily accessible through our app. The vendor and distributor will be excluded from the process in this case. As a result, prices will be more reasonable and affordable.

Mechanifyspares' open spare parts are thoroughly sanitized. Vision – Organizing the unorganized market of two-wheeler spares parts.

Team Members


Viren Thakur

Founder & CEO


Ujjwal Seth

Co-Founder & COO


Hitender Yadav

Business Growth Manager